Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BO account?

A B/O or Beneficiary Owner Account facilitates trading (buy or sell) securities. Securities are electronically deposited to or withdrawn from BO accounts. BO accounts are opened with Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL) through a Depository Participant (DP) i.e., a brokerage house.

How can I open a BO account?

You can open a BO account online on our web platform. Please click here to open a BO account with us. To get any information or assistance in opening BO account, please call our Digital service officer at (01944318500)
You can also open a BO account at our digital booths. Please bring the NID of you and your nominee, 2 copies of passport-size photos of you and your nominee, E-TIN (if you have one), and a bank account cheque. Our relationship manager will assist you to open an account at our digital booths.

How can I deposit funds from my BO account?

You can deposit in your portfolio account maintained with IIDFC Securities Limited by Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer network (BEFTN); where you do not need to come to bank for cheque or cash deposit physically.
Or you can deposit the money to any of the following bank accounts. After the deposit, email us the deposit receipt at

A/C Name Name of the Bank Account No. Name of the Branch Routing Number
IDFC Securities Limited Mercantile Bank Limited 1131000047513 Nikunja Branch 140260184
IDFC Securities Limited ONE Bank Limited 0015025351004 Principle Branch 165275354

How can I withdraw fund from my bio account?

You can withdraw fund from your portfolio account maintained with IIDFC Securities Limited by BEFTN (without cheque). Your bank account would be credited automatically.
You can send a simple instruction email mentioning the amount you want to withdraw he customer care ( or your relationship manager or our digital service officer.
Alternatively, you can fill up a requisition form (download here) and email it to customer care ( Once approved, the fund will be transferred to your bank account.
Or you can send the filled-up requisition form to our digital booth.

when do I start the transaction after a successful BO application?

Once you get the BO code, you are ready to start the transaction.

How many BO account a person can open?

An individual can open a maximum of two (2) BO accounts from a brokerage house. One can open by his/her name, another can be opened jointly.